Voices and Colors

As a Synesthet, I often rely on my photism to judge a person’s mood, a person’s ability with different languages, but also a person’s trustworthiness.

More often than not, when we lie, our voice changes, even imperceptibly; but for a Synesthet, that change will have a direct visual translation, a very reliable tell.

Based on a true story: someone I work with tried to lie their way out of coming to work. Their voice is usually a dark yellow, but on this instance, the yellow got stained with blue.

Our voices can change, whether it’s because of the person we talk to, of the intent hidden behind our words, of the language we speak – from the mothertongue to other languages, we don’t use our vocal chords the same way – and because of a thousand other reasons.

For a Synesthet like me, those changes are what makes a person’s vocal identity, a canvas of alterations and subtle variations.

In Concerto in Chroma Major, the synestheatic character uses the colors to validate her appreciation of other people’s moods.


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Concerto In Chroma Major will be out on July 12th, from InterludePress

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